Gym Membership is now available to players/groups who are Full or Social Member of Fenagh St. Caillins GAA Club.

The following gym subscription will apply on the first use of the gym and annually thereafter:

Players who turn 18 or older during 2019                                            €20

Any Other Adult Club Member                                                                €20

Adult Non-Playing Members may use the gym provided they have done an induction and are thus capable of using the gym equipment in a safe and correct manner.

Juvenille teams can use the gym free of charge but they may be asked to make a small contribution towards the gym at some point during the year eg.  buy or sell lotto tickets, etc..

Croke Park have sent us on the latest information on Gym Insurance.  The following Rules must be adhered to so that our club is in compliance with this GAA Policy and so that the Officers of the club are protected in the event of accident or injury:

    • Gym users under 18 may use the gym only as part of session that is supervised by a coach.
    • U-16s are not permitted use of gym equipment unless it is part of a specific programme that has been given by Club or County and that it is carried out under the direction and supervision of a coach who has experience or qualifications in Strength and Conditioning.
    • Only playing members are covered by the GAA Injury Scheme when using the gym as part of a supervised training session.
    • All users must receive an induction overseen by a suitably qualified coach/instructor.
    • A record of this induction must be maintained and signed by the member and the coach/instructor.
    • ALL users must be trained in the use of the equipment.
    • The sign-in book should be updated each time the gym is used.

Any groups who wish to use the “gym building” must seek permission from the Club Executive. Where the “gym building” is being used, the “gym area” will be temporarily partitioned off and it will be shown to be out of bounds by using appropriate signage.

Any queries can be directed to Club Chairperson, Secretary,Treasurer or Insurance Officer.